Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about who we are, what we look for when we invest and how we work with our portfolio companies

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At what stage do you invest?

The seed stage is our core focus, but we are in principle flexible. We can invest super early (pre-product and revenue), often as the first external investors, but also in more mature companies in Series A and beyond.

How much do you invest?

We invest from 100 kEUR to 3 mEUR per investment round. Our ambition is always to follow-up our investment in subsequent rounds. In total, we have no upper limit on how much we can invest in each case.

When should I approach you about investing?

We would like to get to know you as early as possible, even if you are not yet actively fundraising. We are open to invest pre-product and revenue. Do not hesitate to reach out – we are always happy to have a chat.

Where do you invest?

We primarily invest in Nordic companies (i.e. companies with Nordic founders or companies founded in the Nordics), but your playing field can be anywhere in the world.

Do you have an industry or sector focus?

We focus on B2B technology companies. Within B2B we invest across sectors and value chains. And with technology we mean software, hardware, and tech enabled services.

What are your investment criteria?

For us, the founding team is by far the most important criteria. We value teams with problem solving skills, energy, grit, integrity, and bold ambitions. From there, we consider other things, such as whether the market opportunity is intriguing and big enough. Unique and transformative technology is always a strong plus. We favour technology that will help build a better tomorrow. When it comes to traction it depends on where your company is at, but in general (if your company already has customers) we like to see happy customers, solid usage stats and positive development in other KPIs.

What does your investment process look like?

Our investment process is lean, as we believe founders should focus on building their companies. With that said, with the support of our consultancy firm, we put a lot of effort in truly understanding the market and industry of our future portfolio companies. With an in-depth understanding we believe we will be able to bring value as investors from the get-go.

Do you take the lead in an investment round or follow others?

We do both. Generally, we are enthusiastic about co-investing with other great investors who can also help founders reach their goals.

Do you take a board seat?

Yes, usually if our investment or ownership stake is significant.

How do you support portfolio companies?

We continually discuss and spar with our founders on strategic priorities. Also, we provide hands-on support – for example by using our network to give access to potential customers, developing the investor-deck in a funding round, crafting go-to-market strategies and structures, and supporting with organizational topics such as org-design or talent strategy.

Do you offer co-location in your offices?

For early-stage companies, we offer co-location in our Oslo offices for 12-24 months.

How are you different from other VCs?

Firstly, our close tie with Arkwright Consulting allows spillover from the networks, minds and experience of 100+ management consultants in helping companies grow. Also, there is considerable value in exposure to Arkwright Consulting’s broad client base. Secondly, we bring our investor base closer to our investments than typical VC funds. Our investors invest with a clear strategic rationale, with the aim of being first movers in their industries by exploiting innovation and new technologies. Third, we divide our attention across fewer investments, allowing closer follow-up and more support.

Where does your money come from?

We invest capital on behalf of family offices and funds that have a strategic, as well as financial, rationale behind startup investments. This way, our LPs will also strive to create value for our portfolio companies. For example, our investor base includes family offices like Ferd and Carucel, and the Norwegian governmental fund Investinor. In addition, we let Arkwright employees pitch in.

How is Arkwright X different from Arkwright Consulting?

Arkwright Consulting is a management consulting firm with +100 FTEs across Northern Europe. Arkwright X is a VC company that was started by Arkwright Consulting in 2017.

What was the rationale behind starting Arkwright X?

We started Arkwright X from the belief that our experience and network from consulting gives us a unique position in both helping startups grow and in bridging the gap between startups and established corporates. Also, what’s more inspirational than to work with founders with ambitious and brilliant minds driving the world forward?