Our investments are on the path to solve problems, reduce friction and increase profitability across value chains in the B2B sector.

We are incredibly proud of and inspired by the startups we have invested in. From helping companies in the finance sector mitigate credit default risks, to reducing errors in the construction business, our startups are solving a wide range of problems through groundbreaking technology and more importantly – true dedication and effort.

Current companies



New technologies have contributed to smart solutions and a simpler everyday life. Yet, we still stand outside our doors wondering where we left the key. Or spend a full day at home waiting for a delivery that never arrives. Unloc has developed a digital solution that makes key sharing as easy as sending a text message.



Ignite Procurement

Ignite Procurement is a SaaS startup with a clear mission- to enable increased profitability and a simpler everyday life within strategic procurement. Ignite Procurement helps their clients transform spend data into insights and results with analytics.




Utilising machine learning, Enin gives corporate customers a better understanding of credit risks. Enin gives customers insights into what impacts their customer portfolios through automated real-time monitoring and risk analysis of news and social media for banking and finance.


Graduated companies


Spacemaker Ai

Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. Their product lets the user generate and explore a multitude of site proposals, sort out the best ones, and provides detailed analyses for each of them. It enables a fantastic level of insight and a collaborative workflow among architects, engineers, real estate developers, and municipalities.




Based on computer-vision technology, Imerso is challenging the global construction industry with intelligent Digital Twins of building-sites. With 15 people in the team so far, Imerso is growing fast and is already working with several of the largest players in the Nordics within architecture, construction and energy.




Vilect is a modern recruitment system that helps businesses implement professional and efficient recruitment processes at a reasonable cost. The solution automates hiring for all levels. In addition, the solution facilitates a positive and simple experience for the applicants.



Our screening and evaluation process

Learn more about the criteria on which we evaluate the investment cases and the different steps in the screening process
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