We invest in promising B2B software startups and apply a hands-on approach to help them on their path to success.

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Having worked with some of the largest corporations in Northern Europe and advised and reviewed several hundred startups and growth companies, we have built a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed as a B2B software company. We combine our network, knowledge and competencies from management consulting with the know-how and expertise from seasoned Nordic entrepreneurs and founders, to provide the perfect environment for ambitious startups. This is our unfair advantage.

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Management consulting network that opens doors

By being part of the incubator you gain access to Arkwright's extensive professional network and relations. Tapping into our network is highly valuable for startups looking to build their own connections and for further commercialisation and testing of products and solutions.

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Arkwright Consulting

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Advisory network with outstanding professionals

We understand that building a successful company requires a range of different skills. To ensure that our investments have the guidance and assistance they need, we have set up an advisory team of outstanding professionals to complement our own skill set and to ensure that we cover all the relevant expertise a B2B software startup could need.

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Corporate partners covering key startup needs

To help our investments save both time and money and to allow them to focus on building a successful business, we have set up partnerships with a range of leading corporations in various fields. The services include legal support, accounting, marketing, PR, communication, banking, recruiting, web hosting and cloud services, to name a few.

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Dedicated advisory team from Arkwright

Each startup is assigned a dedicated advisory team from Arkwright, providing strategic/commercial sparring and advice. The advisory team will follow the startup throughout the incubator process.

Meet the team

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Mathilde Tuv Kverneland

Investment Manager



Nicolai Klemeyer Smith



Investment team

Our investment team consists of top-tier management consultants. To Arkwright X, they contribute with screening of startups, take part in our due diligence processes and make recommendations for our new investment cases for Arkwright X.

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Knut Erik Vedahl

Associate Director


Christian Hexeberg

Senior Associate

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Caspar Blakstad

Senior Associate